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So far, six books that concern the descendents of Nils Trulsson´s seven first born children have been published.

What is The Kulla Family?

The Kullafamily is one of Skånes biggest families that´s been investigated and it´s ancestor was a man named Nils Trulsson. He was born about 1658 at Svinebeck (Svanebäck) in Viken, parish of Väsby. Already as a ten-year-old boy, he moved to Kulla 1 at Kullaberg along with his family. A place where he later became a farm tenant with fixity to tenure and a lighthouse keeper from the year 1685 to 1722. Nils Trulsson had 12 children from two Marriages and most children raised families of their own, being the origin to this big family.


This succession of books has come into being after requests by the members of the association and descendants of Nils Trulsson. A lot of the large number of information has been available in folders and card boxes made by different genealogists. We have now tried to put this information together in order to publish it in a series of books. Today, we don´t know how many books there will be, maybe 7 or 8 volumes.

From where does the information come?

The ground materials come from the lifelong research made by Karl-Johan Roslung and his father Johan. There is also information contributed by experienced genealogist who made a large number of investigations and transcriptions from this various documents. In the association there is a group, controlling and completing the information. Information that primarily comes from parish registers but also from interviews. Several members have also contributed with information and pictures of their own family lines in the family tree.

Who and what is included?

All to us known descendants of Nils Trulsson and persons married into the family together with their parents will be accounted for in the books. Many of those who were born about 1980 or later will not. This is because they are harder to find, but also because the books are not to be too big and ungainly. For those who deceased before the age of 10, the place of death hasn´t been stated if it´s the same as the place of birth. Today (Juny 2015) we have 46,000 descendants registered, together with persons married into the family and their parents.

How do you find what you are looking for?

At the end of the book there´s a list of persons including names and year of life, referring to pages where the person is to be found. Inside the tables there are directions to other tables and pages where the (particular) family is to be continued.

How to continue?

As the different family lines get finished, we print a new book and go on working with the next family line.
Most certainly we are interested in receiving adjustments as well as supplements!
Both to books already published and those to come.
Send to: Gunnar Persson gunnar-p@tele2.se.


Thank you!

We who have been working with the Kulla Family since 2002 are:

Claes Andersson, Per-Olof Cederberg, Nils Juelsson, Torsten Loodberg, Gunnar Persson, Hans-Otto Pyk, Dorrit Persson, Birgitta Svantesson, Anette Olsson, Britta Nilsson, Gunnel Hallqvist, Gunilla Behrens, Terese Tivemark and Doris Fröjd-Bogren. Some of these have passed away and some have joined in during the years. We also wish to thank Gyllenstiernska Krapperupstiftelsen (the Gyllenstiernska Krapperup foundation), that has given us financial possibility to publish these books.

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