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Here you can search for descendants (and their partners) of Nils Trulsson from Kullagården. The information is based on our registers that the books about Kullasläkten are also based on, both already printed and coming books.
The search result also shows you which of Nils Trulssons children the person is a descendant of. Clicking on the child will lead you to information about the book or to the pedegree page here on the website if no book has been printed yet. If the column "Descendant of" is empty the person is a partner of a descendant.

For mor information about a person, see our books or contact Gunnar Persson or any other member.

Note! No living persons or persons born after 1917 can be found in the online database.

As of july 2018 there are 30002 persons in the database.

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