The Kulla Family, part IV

Some statistics about the Kulla Family part IV (the Truls-family line)

Today there are about 7,200 to us known descendents of Truls Nilsson, born about 1697. Just as many men as women and more than half of them alive today. These 7,200 persons have married 3,700 other persons. That is a total number of 10,900.

The average age of those who lived to be older than 15, is 70, 6 years (men 68, 5 and women 73, 1). 16 persons reach an age over 100 years; 13 women and 3 men. The oldest of this family line, Elsa Wettin, was born in 1895 and deceased 2000, almost 105 years old. Three women have given birth to 14 children.

There are some “celebrities” in this family line. Like the tough hockey player from Jonstorp, Sverker Torstensson, and the owner of Höganäs brewery, the Ziegler family. Also Percy Nessling, a well known politician and author Åsa Nilsonne and many more, are in the book.

The book contains almost 900 pages and weighs about 2 kg.

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