The Kulla Family, part V



Some statistics about the Kulla Family part V (the Ingar-family line)

Today there are about 6,900 to us known descendents of Ingar Nilsdotter, boen about 1701. About as many men as women, and about half of them still being alive today. These 6,900 persons have married 4,100 other persons. A total number of 11,000.

The average age of those who lived to be older than 15, is 71,9 years (men 70,5 and women 73,5). 24 persons grew to be over a hundred (100) years old; 18 women and 6 men. Three of these women gave birth to 14 children.

The oldest descendent of this family line, first customs superintendent Erik Hartvig, was born in 1900 and died 2004, at the age of 104 years and 5 month. At the time og his death, he was the oldest in northwest Skåne. After 40 years in the customs service, he received his King medal for” the zeal and probity in government service”.

There are also some “celebrities” in this family line. Such as the singer Lisa Ekdahl, the pro fotball Mats Magnusson, the journalist and TV host Bengt Grafström, the artist Hassan Björnström and the principal archivist at the country archive in Göteborg (Gothenburg) and family book author Per Clemensson. All of them descendants. The brothers Erik and Mats Paulsson (PEAB) have each married a descendant of Ingar.

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