You, who are related to the Kulla Family or just interested, come to the association´s premises  at Linnégatan 15 in Höganäs. We can then exchange information, scan pictures or complete with interesting occurrences for future books. You are more than welcome to make adjustments and additions to books already published. They will eventually be updated in one way or the other.

This is how working with the books about the Kulla Family began.

Many of our own members in The Genealogist Association of Kullabygden and other persons interested in genealogy, have for many years asked us to make a book about The Kulla Family.

Hans-Otto Pyk wrote something like this about The Kulla Family in the periodical publication for members in the autumn 2001.

Many have their rotes within this family. According to Mandelgren it is supposed to be the biggest family in Skåne. In reality, we must supposedly write one of the biggest. The origin derives from "Swedish genealogy the year 1894" by Örnberg, one of the great precursors within genealogy. The origin of The Kulla Family leads to Kullagården (The Kullafarm) at Kullaberg. The farm was at that time located to the right of the granitebuilding. The ends is to the left of the road before you come to Kullagården (The Kullafarm) of today, beeing at hotel, a restaurant and the residence of the golf club.

To this old farm, a man came from one of the so called lighthouse farms, Svinabeck/Svinnebeck or as it´s called today, Svanebäck. His name was Truls Andersson and he had gained a tenancy by the countess Sophia de La Gardie at Krapperup.

After Truls Andersson, the son of his second marriage took over the farm.

This is the beginning of the big Kulla Family when Truls Nilsson, who was married twice, left behind no less than 13 children. It´s these children's descendants we have been investigating a long time, hopefully up to our own days. We have received excellent help from documents of other genealogist, such as Johan Roslund and his son Karl-Johan Roslund, Arthur Norrlöw, Kurt Bengtsson and Hans Arlock. Our ambition is to put together all this material to a book about The Kulla Family as soon as possible.

Our first meeting took place on January 30, 2002.

We then realized we had to divide the material into three or four parts (books) containing most highly 1,000 pages. All the books will start with the story about The Kulla Family and where it came from. We decided to start with the oldest child of Truls Nilsson, who was born in 1687. She gave birth to 12 children and so far we have registered about 5,000 person's being her descendants. This will be the content of the first book.

At the present being, we are a group of 6 people who meet about once a month. We put together and control the authenticity of the information in our archives. We also apply for means from different funds and allowances in order to economically carry this project through.

The first book was ready on Christmas 2008.

It took almost 7 years to get the first book printed and at that time, almost 9,000 descendants to Kirstina had been found. The interest was enormous and the first 8 weeks we sold over 200 books. Many discovered that their family was in the book and a lot of completing was added.

The second book was published a year and a half later, and The Kulla Family was now a well-known family. A lot of members and relatives had assisted with information according to their own family lines which made this book more complete. In this book it was all about the 9,500 descendants of Karna, who was born about 1690.

At springtime 2011, the third book about The Kulla Family was finished. The content was accounted for Anna, who was born about 1693, and her approximately 6,000 descendants.

We give an account of the descendant and the descendant´s spouse (approximately 35,000 people) together with the parents. The amount of people that are to be found in these 3 books, are about 50,000.

After these 3 children the work continues with investigating the descendants of the remaining 12 children. 11 of these 12 children survive their early years, but we don´t believe they have as many children as the first 3. We can establish the fact that there will be more than the 3–4 books we thought in the beginning. More likely, it will be 6 or 7 books containing about 900 pages.

On December 1, 2013, we release the Kulla Family part 4. Just like in earlier books, there were only room for descendants of one of Nils Trulssons children. This time, logically enough, it became the fourth child, Truls. He was born about 1697 and it is his descendants that are accounted for. That is, 7.120 descendants that married 3.780 persons including their parents. Together, that makes about 17.000 persons in the fourth part.

Next child will be Ingar, born about 1701. Today there are about 6.500 descendants, so we´ll see where it all ends. To start whit, we thought that Marna, born about 1702, and her descendants (about 2.200) would get room in book number five. But that won't be the case.

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