"Kirstina-family line"

The selling of the first volume about the Kulla Family began a few weeks before the Christmas of 2008. Nearly a hundred books were sold and it´s been rolling ever since. Now the books are sold out, but it´s available to buy on a USB-memory.

There has been a lot of praising, but also some criticism. Praising because it´s so easy to find in and because of those who have read it and found relatives they didn´t know of. To many people it´s become the centre around which relatives gather on Christmas parties.

But there is also some criticism. It´s easy something gets wrong when you have so much information to deal with.
Fortunately, most errors haven´t been too serious.

If you find something that´s incorrect, or that can be further completed, do contact us. It will only make volumes to come even more accurate. You may also contribute with portraits and whatever you might have that can make the book even more fulfilled.

Further remarks of this kind will be accounted for in future periodical publications for our members.
The correction or completing can also be sent to you by e-mail.

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