The Kulla Family, part II

Kullasläkten del 2

More than 9,000 known descendants

Some statistics about the Kulla Family (The Karna-family line)

Today there are about 9,400 known descendants of Karna Nilsdotter, who was born in 1690, divided among approximately 4,900 men and 4,500 women. The most common occupations occur within agriculture. Such as farmers, farm tenants with fixity to tenure, yeoman, fruit-growers, crofters and farm boys – approximately 500. Many also earned their living at sea, such as sailors, sea-captains, mates, skippers, stokers and fishermen – altogether about 150. Miners, coal-miners and mill-workers also constituted a big group, but within this category only about 50 persons were active. On the other hand, there were many craftsmen, such as carpenters and cabinet-makers, gardeners (mainly at Krapperup), painters, bricklayers, harness-makers (saddlers), maker of slippers, lumberjacks, millers, shoemakers, blacksmiths, building contractors, block makers,  pipe-layers, seamstresses, coach-makers, and millers – altogether about 150. A large number worked within service occupations, such as teachers (male and female), nurses, trades people, clerks (salesmen –women), drivers, housekeepers, butchers, bank managers, hotel managers, policemen, operators and hairdressers/barbers – about 150 – 200.

There were also a couple of hundreds of maids and farm boys within different categories.

These 9,400 persons have married 4,300 persons, as a total that makes 13,900 persons.

The average age for those who grew older than 15 years is 68, 9 years (men 67, 3 and women 70, 7). Ten of them lived to be over a hundred (100) years old (7 women and 3 men). The eldest, Elsa Karin Wetting, was born in 1895 and died in 2000, 104, 5 years old. One woman gave birth to 16 children and 4 women gave birth to 15 children. They were all born before 1850.

The most common female names are: Maria/Marie 670, Anna 470, Elisabet(h) 380, Margareta 260, Eva 220, Karin 210, Johanna 205, Ingege(ä)rd 150 and Ingeborg 120.

The most common male names are: Nils 520, Karl/Carl 480, Joh(a)n 370, Anders 310, Erik 250, Pet(t)er 235, Olof 230, Lars 220, Gunnar 205, Lennart 185, Sven 180, Bengt 160, Johannes 135, Hans 135 and Bertil 125.

It´s easy something gets wrong when you have so much information to deal with. Fortunately, most errors haven´t been too serious, besides those accounted for in the document called Corrections.

Some people are also more well-known than others, for example consul Nils Persson, who was born in 1836.

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