Kulla family


Gen 1

Truls Andersson, lived in Svanebäck and Kullagård. Died between 1684 and 1688 at Kullagården, Brunnby (M). Married 1st to Sissa Jönsdotter, daughter of Jöns Persson and Johanna Nilsdotter in Våtamossa, Väsby (M). Marired 2nd to Boel Nilsdotter born abt 16331, died after 1698.

Children from first marriage to Sissa Jönsdotter:

  • Nils Trulsson, born abt 1649 in Svanebäck, Viken, Väsby (M), died 1716 in Svanebäck, Väsby (M). Married to Lusse Rasmusdotter, born abt 1649, died 1730 in Svanebäck, Väsby (M).

Children from second marriage to Boel Nilsdotter:

  • Nils Trulsson, born abt 1658 in Svanebäck, Väsby (M), died abt 17372 in Kullagården, Brunnby (M). Lighthouse keeper in Kullagården, Brunnby (M). See Gen. 2.
  • Elna Trulsdotter, born abt ca 1658 in Svanebäck, Väsby (M), died after 1698. Married 1st to Bengt Bengtsson, born abt 1630-1635, died 1710 in Ry, Allerum (M). Had a son Truls Bengtsson born 1700 i Ry, Allerum (M) who was still living in 1722.


Gen 2

Nils Trulsson, born around 1658 in Svanebäck, Väsby (M) died abt 1737 in Kullagården, Väsby (M). Seen as the ancestor of Kullasläkten. Lighthouse keeper in Kullagården, Brunnby (M). Married 1st to Marna Niklasdotter, dughter of the sexton Niklas Andersson in Brunnby (M). Married 2nd to Kerstina Andersdotter, born abt 1670-1675, buried 1743-12-183 in Brunnby (M).

Children from first marriage to Marna Niklasdotter:

  • Kirstina Nilsdotter (Kullasläkten book I). Born abt 1687, died 1765-11-25 in Brandstorp nr 1, Väsby (M).
  • Karna Nilsdotter (Kullasläkten book II). Born abt 1690, died 1766-06-20 in Duvestubbe, Allerum (M).
  • Anna Nilsdotter (Kullasläkten book III). Born abt 1693, died 1738 in Bläsinge, Jonstorp (M).

Children from second marriage to Kerstina Andersdotter:

  • Truls Nilsson (Kullasläkten book IV). Born abt 1697, died 1776-08-01 in Ingelsträde nr 7, Väsby (M).
  • Inger Nilsdotter (Kullasläkten book V). Born abt 1701, died 1760-09-03 in Kattarp (M).
  • Marna Nilsdotter. Born abt 1702, died 1757 in Jonstorp (M).
  • Anders Nilsson Kullenberg. Born died 1705, död 1772 in Stubbarp nr 1, Brunnby (M).
  • Rigel Nilsdotter. Born abt 1707, died 1760 in Mölle nr 1, Brunnby (M).
  • Boel Nilsdotter. Born abt 1708, died 1794-03-04 in Ingelsträde nr 4, Väsby (M).
  • Kersti Nilsdotter. Born abt 1709, died 1781-05-12 in Bökebolet, Brunnby (M).
  • Sissa Nilsdotter. Born abt 1713, died 1774 in Stubbarp, Brunnby (M).
  • Nils Nilsson. Born 1715-11-22, died 1775-05-05 in Kullagården, Brunnby (M).
  • Hans Nilsson. Born abt 1718, died 1783-11-26 in Ingelsträde, Väsby (M).


1) Brunnby katekismilängd 1698
2) Probate was held 28 april 1737 according to Luggude häradsrätts records.
3) Peter Gotthard von Kochen wrote in his journal that "the old Kulla widow was buried 73 years old" dated 18 decembre 1743.

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